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Support the purchase of our EcoRecho stoves for Haitians in need. Every donation of $5 will ensure that one more energy-efficient stove can be purchased by a local family. To contribute online click here.

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D&E is committed to bringing low-cost, clean energy solutions to resource-constrained communities in order to break the cycle of energy poverty and spur economic growth. We strive to solve local problems employing local resources to yield the highest social, environmental and economic returns to all stakeholders. Our model depends on strong community buy-in and ongoing participation to ensure long-term sustainability.


Rural Electrification Project

D&E is piloting a system utilizing gasification technology and abundant agriculatural waste to provide rural Haitian communities with low-cost, dependable electricity access.



This award-winning energy-efficient cookstove is specifically tailored to the local resources and demand of the Haitian market.


Winner of Digicel Haiti's Entrepreneur of the Year Award and AIDG's Green Haiti Competiton